"Liv Migdal's Debut CD - WHAT AN ABSOLUTE GEM!

This Artist will be lighting up concert halls...for years to come!" Atlanta, USA 2014


"A magical evening full of musical pleasure, emotions and enthusiasm" Münchner Merkur, 2015


"Masterly... This violin breathes fire and brimstone" Freie Presse, 2014


An amazing talent. … One of the finest chamber music recordings of the past few years is a violin /piano recital given by the young violinist Liv Migdal"

pizzicato, 2014
Absolute intensity

Der Westen, 2014
„ … The person playing here not only “can” but “is” .

WAZ, 2014


" ... a unique performance..."

„Liv Migdal does some wonderful things with the music …”

Fanfare, 2014
„ … Bravo, bravo, bravo, bravo, … Wonderful – thrilling – simply beautiful…”
„Masterly… This violin breathes fire and brimstone

Freie Presse, 2014
„ …Liv Migdal’s virtuosity infused the audience so much that the applause went on forever …”

Annaberger Wochenblatt, 2014
The violinist danced a temperamental tango with the orchestra …”
”The big star of the evening was Liv Migdal

Ruhr Nachrichten, 2014


"Liv Migdal has an awesome technique and she plays with an unfailing sense for the essential. Without detours she penetrates to the core in each of the works. “

pizzicato, 2014


We’re going to hear a lot about Liv Migdal in the future.”

Huvdstadsbladet, 2014
A quite exceptional talent

Wiener Zeitung, 2014
Violin brilliance

Thüringer Allgemeine, 2014
Bad Homburg Castle Festival  – spontaneous cheers!”

Frankfurter Neue Presse, 2014
Maturity and bravado … Thunderous applause at the end of the recital

Allgemeine Zeitung, 2014
A fascinating performance on the violin … The applause went on forever…”

Der Neue Tag, 2013
Liv Migdal masterly

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, 2013
Liv Migdal played with the passion of a young woman and the maturity of a major artist …”

Ruhr Nachrichten, 2012
A miraculous violinist at the peak of her art  … The audience enthusiasm knew no bounds …”

Die Glocke, 2012