“Migdal lives this music as well as loves it, and she is utterly, utterly compelling… It’s difficult to imagine more of a connection with the music than Liv Migdal exudes here, in a performance of immense intelligence married to an equally impressive emotionality.”

Liv Migdal’s performance is absolutely superb, and, in what is already quite a marathon for solo violin, she combines great power, phenomenal accuracy, and a highly-developed sense of dynamic contrast with an equal ability to deliver often angular lines still with such a smooth and silky legato. More than all this, though, while she appears to make light work of its bristling technical difficulties, never once does this diminish the composer’s personal sense of struggle and severe hardship.

Liv Migdal has an awesome technique and she plays 
with an unfailing sense for the essential. Without detours she penetrates to the core in each of the works.

Pizzicato, Alain Steffen

Liv Migdal captivates with an intensity that is both tonal and creative.

Concerti, Frank Armbruster 2016

Refuge clearly is the work of a major violinist.

Fanfare 2020

Extremely substantial! … Here is someone really exploring the soul of music – in its depths, its euphoria, its sensuality, its proximity to death.

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

Electrifying young violinist Liv Migdal

Phil’s Classical Reviews, Atlanta

What an absolute Gem! This artist will be lighting up concert halls with her singing tone for years to come

Phil’s Classical Reviews, Atlanta, USA 2014

Migdal achieves a brilliant interpretation with the Deutsches Kammerorchester Berlin, where everything sounds beautiful, technically flawless and clearly articulated.

Fono Forum, Norbert Hornig, 2016

Phenomenal violin playing! Simply world-class!
A thrilling concert: goose bumps from the very first piece … A firework of emotions – Liv Migdal plays with an intensity that takes your breath away…”

Neue Westfälische, 2017

Masterful music-making and an incredible charisma…. With her filigree playing and her breathtaking technique on the violin, the artist aroused genuine enthusiasm in the audience, which was fascinated completely by her expressive musicality.

Die Glocke, 2017

Liv Migdal immerses herself in the score …  She does not spare herself, experiences the musical sensations in herself, and her playing emanates what she has perceived and acquired in this struggle. Instead of theoretical reflection, Liv Migdal’s music is characterised by deep feelings. This is what distinguishes her as a true and genuine musician.

The New Listener, 2019

Liv Migdal is a shining star in the cosmos of strings.

rbb Kulturradio, 2019

Remarkably masterful, the young Liv Migdal fills the delicate solo repertoire with sound and life. … Migdal plays the Bartók-Sonata with passionate sharpness, and no unnecessary embellishments. At the same time, she plays it with a clear, dynamically rich structure.

Fono Forum, October 2019

Migdal’s playing … it is phenomenal, no wishes remain open. … His (Yehudi Menuhin’s) deep traces are by no means too much for Liv Migdal. On the contrary, she approaches the works with technical finesse and a compelling musicality.